Carbon Management

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia firmly believes that Climate Policy Goals can only be achieved if the sustainable development objectives were implemented.  The central focus of Saudi Arabia’s climate change policy-making strategy is to ensure that the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, and national circumstances provide the framework for global efforts to address climate change.  These principles fully recognize the right of developing countries to sustainable development and build economic and social resilience to the negative impacts of climate change as well as mitigating the negative impacts of response measures especially for vulnerable countries that are dependent on single source income.
Saudi Arabia acknowledges that all future energy outlooks agree that the global energy will grow as a part of worldwide economic development and prosperity.  This is because the world needs energy from a wide range of sources to meet its current and growing future demands.

Given the international community’s concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and the increased demand for energy, it is neither practical nor possible to abandon fossil fuels and still deliver needed global economic prosperity.  Consequently, Saudi Arabia is supporting the international efforts in reducing global emissions through promoting technological solutions that supports its development objectives.

Carbon Management implies examining and focusing on business areas where cost-reduction can be achieved through the minimization of energy use; raw material consumption; and waste generation.  Effective carbon management therefore involves a wide range of activities from measuring the carbon emissions impact of all business activities; to identifying and implementing an emission reduction or avoidance strategy; as well as communicating final achievements to key stakeholders.
The aim of Saudi Arabia’s carbon management system is to enable the Kingdom avoid to the extent possible the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), through the promotion of technological solutions. The system includes organizational structure for emission control, aspirational avoidance actions and goals, assessment of carbon risks, GHG accounting, carbon performance evaluation and reporting.

Saudi Arabia is therefore promoting research and development of technologies that can alleviate these concerns, including carbon capture and storage. Additionally, it supports the promotion of international cooperation in climate change.
The Kingdom has developed technology roadmap targets creating a forward-looking research and development program that provides economically sound carbon management technological solutions, and which maximizes the value created from the carbon cycle. (Provide link to Saudi Arabia Carbon Management Technology Road Map)