Promoting the effective technology transfer and development has become a strategic option for developing countries to achieve their objectives to attain sustainable development in a climate-friendly manner. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has realized the significance of emphasizing the investment on technology transfer and high technology know-how through research, development and manufacturing processes to achieve its aspired socio-economic development objectives in a sustainable manner, particularly, the objective of diversifying the national economic base.
Policy instruments and technology solutions should be envisaged within the context of sustainable development to minimize or eliminate the risk of climate change to human life and property. A number of policies, initiatives and laws have been constituted and implemented in the Kingdom to promote the climate friendly technology transfer and development; most pertinent policies, initiatives and laws related to technology transfer and development in the Kingdom are as follows.
  • National Policy for Science and Technology (link)
  • Centers of Research Excellence Initiative
  • National technology incubator policy framework (link)
  • national trends to invest and to commercialize new technologies in strategic areas including renewable energy technologies
  • national intellectual property policy
  • national system for protecting patents, layout designs, integrated circuits, plant varieties and industrial designs (link)